Delete "Deleted User#0000" from the bans list


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  • Shadow.
    It would be cool if it would show the user's old username before they were deleted, since that would mean something to server admins instead of just Deleted User.
  • 10 🌈
    Can potentially lead to previously banned members from rejoining by just deleting their banned account.
  • CarcinogenZ

    would be nice if it auto cleared but there would still be a need for some kind of IP/ user ID history or something and a note that would say "user deleted and cleared from the ban list" or even its own tab

  • xJuliqn__ | SilverDesk™

    yeah tho thats all true - I agree with u all ^^ so gotta get some thin bro


    Is there some "scary story", about Deleted User#0000

    Cuz i got texted from itr


  • Fang

    I got a message from Deleted User#0000 in the Minecraft server, he said "Please don't ban me, my account isn't actually deleted", that is a scary fact about Discord.

  • ! -TFE 💔

    Can I get my account back after 14 days?