Allow Server Owners to use .gif emotes on their own server without the need of having Nitro


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  • ExiledTroll

    as long as it's confined to the server in question, i dont see how it could hurt to let the server admin(s) use the animated emotes

  • Index

    Yes, that might not have been clear enough in my post, but obviously only their own server's .gif emotes and only on that server - nothing global or anything like that.

  • Phemus

    Yeah that'd be awesome!

  • David Ningthoujam

    any updates?

  • This is very cool idea 

  • ROAR

    Indeed. I think about this every so often when I'm just looking for new emoji ideas but it's just annoying that I can't even see if the quality of it is any good. We definitely need this. 👍

  • karanzkingz

    I don't see why discord should not implement it.

  • JayDieTye

    Agreeed AFFFF

  • Dual

    Yes i neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed


  • lazyDoge

    Yeah, we really need this. They could be like normal emojis, which can only be used in the server where they were added by those who don't have Nitro (Nitro users can send custom emojis wherever they want). However, if that's not possible, it would be very helpful if at least server owners could send animated emojis in their servers for testing purposes. Another suggestion is that those who don't have Nitro can send the animated emojis of a boosted server in that server, as one of its perks.

  • Valentin_Kh

    (Add Gif but can't use this 😅)

  • Wimz

    I need this

  • Loyalist

    Cause discord somehow needs you to buy nitro all the time

  • Randomize

    Honestly I don't see as to why we can't use animated emotes in our own servers. Discord nitro allows you to use any emote into any server but shouldn't we be able to use OUR OWN emotes in our server. We don't have any one who uses nitro and no one is going to want to pay money per month/ annually just to be able to use a gif. I understand Nitro has more perks than that, but c'mon in our own server.