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  • Draco
    Yeah it's annoying having to load pages that don't have what you're looking for and if there's about 100 pages you would have to narrow it down with more filters. Hopefully Discord adds more utilities to the search button like searching for a page or going to the very last or first page
  • RaysWorks

    They should have it so you can choose between alphabetical and relevant. Showing the person that has those key words but from most recently talked to to farther out. Currently it's impossible to use useless you know exact ally how to spell their name. I've even purposely left some larger discord channel to make it easier for me to find names. Please fix soon. 

  • 🐧Master3395🐧

    I wish you could use the search for user bar, to search for specific things that you have chatted with someone, to get up the exact user.

  • Minerguy

    They should add a feature to where you can search for people from a mutual server, for example I'm in a massive LFG server and wanna see who I've chatted with from that server at a glance.

  • Leyn

    Related: The option to sort DMs

    which is more about sorting DM themselves, but could be used in combination with search.

    To be honest I never managed to search through DMs myself: after opening the Friends/DM view, the top-left search bar searches Servers, Channels and People by name (not content), the Friend search bar searches Friends by name, and the top-right search bar doesn't appear at all. When selecting a specific DM channel, the top-right search bar appears but then it only searches text in that specific DM channel.

    The thread is 5 years old but maybe it used to be possible but how do you even manage to search through all DMs in the latest version? This is not possible according to this thread: