Listing spotify information regaurdless


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  • DanceDJE

    Listen on Spotify no longer works and hasnt in 4 years.


  • Emptylord

    I'd like to bump this suggestion. 

    Just had a situation where I had to pause playback. However, my friend had to stop streaming and log-out of the game he was playing before Spotify was back at the "top" of the activity list. Spotify should just always be visible, assuming it's enabled (especially since it's considered a separate client feature to the Game Activity). 

    If you can't fit both simultaneously, maybe add the ability to scroll through activity... or something.

  • itsaHAILstorm

    Being able to just click and listen with friends is so convenient, but if they are streaming or playing a game you can't. I can message them to send me a message to send me the invite link, but that means they have to stop what they are doing to send it. At the very least, I'd like to have a setting option to "always display Spotify listen along" or something.