Option for server owners to hide messages from all members, but not delete the message


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  • Solo

    With using the messages to report the user as the intention, I think it it would be better suited if when banning someone all of the deleted message IDs were stored on the ban list with the user. Then you could just copy and paste them when reporting later on.

  • 🍀Zaki

    Yep! That would be great. There was such a tool on Reddit, but it has been removed I guess.

  • Permanently

    Been using that for now ^^

  • bastet_of_orion
    Archiving servers is an idea that I genuinely like, and it would be a useful tool for those who have server content that benefits from archival (professional purposes, volunteer work, legacy data for groups, etc) as well as an aid to recover servers from raids. Being able to reupload these files - most likely in a read-only state, or locking archived messages while keeping channels/categories live - would help preserve the integrity of servers and something I think is sorely needed.
  • NickB

    Not really invasive of privacy, since it's just a message that was deleted (which was posted initially for people to see). I upvoted this feature, it could be very handy.

  • Homie Box
    How would be able to do it? And can you restore them?
  • Best Player NA

    How would that work? I agree the idea is kind of cool, but realize that when a person is banned, all of their messages are deleted anyway. As well, hiding it from all members would be impractical. Would hiding it from just those with certain privileges VIEW_HIDDEN_MESSAGES in server be better? I think personally the best option would maybe be to allow the owner to archive the message into the audit logs so that if it is needed later by a moderator or something, as long as it's in the logs, they can look it up. Maybe even a whole new system like Message Archives?

  • Ghostwolf
    Yeah this would be awesome. You wouldn't need to for ex. hide and create alternative channels after the raid
  • Power'O James

    That's cool but, you can already manage that.