New server default notifications to "@ mentions only"


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  • Yomo42

    I'd also like to note that "all messages" being the default is actually hurting Discord's new user retention very badly.

    I have countless friends who don't use discord because they downloaded it, joined their friend's server, got annoyed by all the notifications and then blocked notifications from discord entirely through their phone's settings, or even just deleted the app.

    This is to be expected. A new user isn't going to ask "Why is Discord giving me all of these notifications, and how can I make it give me less notifications without disabling them entirely?" Not to mention a new user isn't going to be aware of this and bother to change their server's default for new members. A new user is going to say "Discord is giving me lots of notifications and they're annoying. Better block all notifications from this app though my system's settings."

    And once they do that, you've lost them. They might delete the app, they might not, but they'll sure as hell never actually use it again.

    There's even people I would have contact with on Discord, but who I'm unable to contact for this very reason. They blocked discord notifications and left Discord to rot, unused on their phone. Or just deleted it.

    I would like the default for a newly created server to be changed to "@mentions" not only because it would make more sense, and constantly having to change it to that is annoying, but because there are lots of people who don't use Discord, many of whom I wish would use Discord simply because of a bad notification experience caused by "all messages" being the newly created server default.

  • InevitableSprinkles

    The notification overdue endured when I first installed Discord meant it lasted ten minutes before being uninstalled from all devices. I've only installed it now because a supplier likes using it (too cheap to use Slack, I guess!) but notifications were completely disabled. I'll now use it only as a last resort and the app is disabled when not in use whereas if a sensible option of @mentionsonly was the default I'd leave it running and probably would actually use it. Most certainly I wouldn't recommend this app to anyone until this is fixed because it would be a waste of time teaching someone how to use it if they're just not going to use it because it's annoying them.

  • MaxYibbs

    I agree; this is really annoying. I always forget this is the default, and I think most people setting up servers do as well. I’d be interested to know how many active servers actually keep this configuration and, for the ones that do, how many of their users change the setting to @mention only. I will never need the current default spam setting, and I imagine more people are in that boat than not.

  • Xeynon

    If you follow this topic, you might want to follow/like this one here, where it's requested that an administrator can preventively set notifications settings for his channels, thus can shut off notifications for bot or highly active channels:

  • Ealdorman

    I wonder why this isnt implemented yet. I have to check every single server to find which is that keep buzzing on my desktop!!