Sign in with Apple ID Option


4 條評論

  • Lengo
    I don’t think this is a good idea since the sign in with Apple ID api is 1) not available yet and we don’t know what it’s like, and 2) if Discord doesn’t support Google then why would it support Apple?
  • NotKyon

    They should support that too. They should also support cropping avatars, like they said they would add support for years ago.

  • Rexowogamer

    The Sign In With Apple stuff has come out now, so yeah. Add Google too.

  • CMars91

    Sign In with Apple would be amazing. Let us migrate completely over when iOS 14 comes out. “Sign in with Apple” doesn’t mean you can only sign in on Apple devices. It’s available on Android and the Web as well. It’s available on every platform, non-Apple ones included.