Change read message history permission


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  • NotKyon

    I'd like it if denying users the "read message history" permission didn't actually disable their ability to read messages that they already saw. What I want is for them to not see any messages from before they joined, wherever that permission applies.

  • HDBox

    Can confirm, I'm having the same issue.

    "Read message history" should only include messages from before someone joined the server. Once joined it should show all messages (including history after the join date) which the read message permission allows to.

  • Yoriden

    This should definitely be a thing. It's annoying to my server's guests that they can't see messages that have been there since they joined the room, but we don't want them to be able to see the whole log of everything that was ever posted in there.

    Can we please get a change to this setting asap?

  • MCBtv

    I showed up here because I have the same ideals. I would rather Read Message History only except message before users arrival but still can see pinned messages such as Rules, Welcome, and things of that nature.

  • [UNÍХ]Londongal

    I’d like the exact same functionality as above - don’t show messages before joining on a channel by channel basis please

  • Cerav

    I'm also here with the same issue. There should be an option for people to see messages they already witnessed, but not the entire chat history from before they joined

  • JumperCable2

    I'm having a different issue. One of my server's members can't see the message history of one of my channels anymore, after I tried to fix the permissions so that only users who have been given roles can even see the channel. Now, he can't see a thing even after I enabled 'Read Message History' for his role.

  • Rui Santos

    This is the most annoying "BUG" on discord right now! This is unbeliavable and doesn't make sense for anyone! Please fix it as soon as possible!

  • ShayminPlays

    Maybe they should also make it so you can see pinned messages even if Read Message History is disabled.

  • Darth_Vader

    Are they coming out with a fix for this soon? 

  • No One

    I am also in support of new users being able to see chat history from the time they joined if given access. But the current feature has its uses and should stay.

  • Query

    i would really like this change!!

  • Ideally there should be two separate permissions: one that allows users to read all messages since they joined the channel, and one that allows users to read all messages from the channel's history

    Actually Discord desperately needs more permissions granularity in general. Maybe categorized into sub-permissions and such if it would help for organizational purposes.

  • Kota

    It's ridiculous that this isn't a thing. I keep running into these stupid little issues with Discord that I can't believe haven't been addressed yet. 

  • iwsfg

    Current implementation is pure garbage and whoever designed it had obviously never tried to use it. Because it's basically unusable.

    On desktop app if there's a channel for which you're not allowed to see message history of, it will always be marked with white dot as "has unread messages" from the startup of the app. And because of this one channel whole server also getting marked with the same white dot as well even if you read every other message in every other channel.

    You can click on it and it will go away but doing so every time you start the app is quite annoying. I found myself simply muting such channels in the end but that goes against the point of having access to a channel in the first place. Now imagine you have 3 such channels and you have to go through each one. This is pretty bad UX but even that is not the biggest issue.

    If you did not disable notifications and still pay attention to them you also have to remember to visit that channel once after launching the app just to be able to see new messages posted in the channel. Every time you launch Discord. You have to do this so discord properly loads channel into memory and subscribes to new messages with their content, not just to the event of a new messages being posted in a channel. Otherwise you get notified of the fact that new message were posted, but when you navigate to the channel discord will try to load them from history along with older messages and that request will get denied. If you didn't open channel before conversation started - you missed it.

    This permission does no good in its current form and solves no problem, it just breaks stuff. Please, either just remove it completely or redesign the darn thing. It has been suggested to you numberous times here and in other places - best you can do is to replace it with a dropdown "Access to message history" with options "from the dawn of time", "since joining the server", "for messages posted within recent X hours/days".

    And then teach your unread messages service or client to play nicely with messages outside that range so it wouldn't mark channels as unread due to the messages from the past that user won't be able to see anyway.

    And while we're on that note, please split "Enable Unread Messages Badge" setting in two so it would be possible to keep it enabled for unread @mentions and Direct Messages but disabled for general unread messages (those marked with white mark in the app). Tired of seeing red dot on the tray icon all the time. Desired behavior is how taskbar icon already works on Windows10 when that setting is off and if icon overlays can be used but people rocking "small taskbar icons" don't get icon overlays and icon in tray just never gets marked with the red dot.

  • RudyTheNinja

    I have my discord set with different channels for different roles

    I want the permission so that it doesn't stop them from seeing msgs they've ALREADY SEEN

    So what they see in general chat is what they see from the time they joined the SERVER

    But what they see in OTHER chats is what they see from the time they joined the CHANNEL
    (the time they got the role in other words)

  • FelloEmbers

    The server I’m most active in keeps having the chats reset for me only. I’m a mobile user and I don’t understand how to fix this. I can never see what people reply to me or what people said earlier when I wasn’t present. Whenever I leave the app and go back to the messages of that server ONLY disappear. Out of all servers why the one I’m most active in? Is there a way I can fix this?

  • iwsfg

    > Is there a way I can fix this?

    Either wait for eternity until Discord Staff notices this topic or ask server owners to allow access to Message History. As I explained above it's pretty much broken by design.

  • The Gold DJ1

    This NEEDS to be a thing. I admin many discord servers and its quite a pain when new users join into the server and can view messages made months ago about specific topics. On top of this, simply because especially in admin channels we make decisions in my gaming groups which we dont want people to be a part of but when they get added to the admin voting group they can see the entire chat log unless we purge it every time. 

  • JRMBelgiumTwitch

    Please add this feature!

  • OppressorB

    Same issue here. I think an option underneath the "Can't see message history" which allows you to setup how long messages in that channel will be visible for that role would solve the problem. Please implement this feature as this is essential for limited permissions.

  • Bellustrious

    Any update from support regarding whether this feature will be adjusted as requested? Timeline regarding implementation?

  • jarieljimenez

    I'd love to see this change implemented; the feature as it is right now seems useless and this just makes far more sense to me.

  • IAmDarthMole

    The way I understand it, this option would be designed to make the channels it is applied to be like traditional chatrooms from back in the day, where the communication was realtime/live only. Perhaps the setting isn't designed to serve the purpose this thread is assuming it does? I personally am happy to have found this option and confirmed its function for a project I'm looking at completing. Thanks for the information!

  • Yoriden

    It's not that this thread is assuming anything, it's that what we are requesting would be more useful and that the way it functions now is notably broken for reasons that others have touched upon.

  • Hedius

    Yeah, it is not possible for me to hide the previous chat from new clan members. We do not want to expose our full chat history to new members. Especially our admin chats need special care. That's the point of this thread...

  • ShaltNotProsper

    Permissions changes recomnended from the perspective of a System Administrator:

    (note that the server permissions are separate, but consolidated for brevity, and generally are a no/yes, which corresponds to deny/allow)

    Primary permission:
    Read Chat History of channel or server (allow/inherit/deny)

    granular permissions:
    1. Read chat history since beginning of channel or server history (deny/inherit/allow)
    2. Read pinned messages since permission granted to channel (deny/inherit/allow, becomes active only after 1 is allowed/inherited)
    3. Read history since permission granted to channel (deny/inherit/allow)
    4. Read pinned messages since beginning of channel or server history (deny/inherit/allow, becomes active only after 3 is allowed/inherited)

  • JSnows

    This feature really needs updating. I have multiple channels where people of our group are discussed before being promoted and allowed into those channels and right now my only feasible solution would be to name search them and delete all mentions of them. If I deny them Read Message History they wouldn't be able to participate on those channels at all. All that's needed is an option to deny them access to previous messages up to the point they've been promoted.

  • Puny

    I just tried to use this permission on my discord but I had to turn it off again.  Even if they were existing members all the previous history blanks and every time they leave and return it is blank, so any conversations that happened between when they left and when they join are gone.

    Surely this should just work that from the point of joining they have no history and from then on they can see everything.

  • Type-R

    Why there are no comments from discord support here? And why this issue is still not adressed? Biggest problem with app is not getting fixed for years?