turn 'note' section into 'bio' section


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  • TinyPsycho

    yes, but how do you turn the note section into a bio section? that's what I'm trying to figure out

  • cryptochrome

    Not sure why this is being downvoted. SMH. 

  • Lelantos

    What's with all the downvotes? I think it's pretty awesome, any other opinions?

  • so.....how do you do it lmfao


  • violetxoxox

    People, this isn’t a tutorial on how to do it, it’s a SUGGESTION for the developers. That’s why you can’t figure it out. But it would be nice and it’s on my wishlist, too.

  • Ket

    This really should be added, the only thing I use notes for is to know a user's alias that I know them by. It be great to have a real bio section though that can be edited by the user and everyone can see it.

  • A's angel

    am i the only one who still cant figure it out?

  • Dark Flame Master

    no, me too


  • atoyako

    here are some of my ideas!

    i use notes primarily to keep track of who's who. so in a sense, it DOES have that certain use! but it's a smaller utility/miscellaneous type of use. so perhaps the notes section could be placed under the bio? the bio would be the star attraction, given it'd be the source of, like OP stated, all the relevant information.
    i'd like to think that'd be the best of both worlds!!~

    or, i propose this alternative to solve the note problem (although it's a little bit off-topic...) what if we could set nicknames for users akin to phone contacts? not quite like managing server nicknames, but in where one could set a nickname for a user that only the person who set it up would see, appearing after their username.

    here's an example:
    atoyako (person from that server)

    also, in streaming mode, we could have a feature to protect privacy: in which one is able to disable the nicknames/contact names...etc. just in case real names/private information is used!

    in conclusion, an official BIO option within discord is an excellent idea and one could even do both of the ideas mentioned here at the same time.

  • CruzCtrl

    now that there is a official About Me for nitro users, can it be edited on Mobile? I haven't found a way

  • ShynyDoggo



  • stealth

    this is over 1 year old btw

  • Nickman

    Yeah but, how tf do i do it??????

  • choccy milk🍫

    Yeah I agree

  • Droxzy

    The About me Feature I believe doesn't work on Mobile.