Special messages for users who are always on "do not disturb"


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  • index.ts
    The problem with that is it completely defeats the entire purpose of do not disturb.
  • plantbob

    Yeah this is not that great of an idea, just try and find another way to contact him if its that important?


  • Gormi124

    I think it would be better if a user could set something like a whitelist for the Dnd status. For example if your friend who is always on Dnd sets you on his whitelist, they would still recieve a notification if you sent them a DM.

  • i have this friend who is alwayyyyyyyyyys on dnd and its so annoying when i need to talk to him urgently so yh i agree 

  • el goblino

    ok boomer



    Discord should add a priority list so people can message you while you're on do not disturb you can add people to it by adding people to the list by going to settings hit priority list hit add type in username and tag

  • Ahmed Saeed

    I really need this feature, I tell my friends to contact me on iMessages if it is urgent, but I would love to receive this in discord by giving specific people the ability to send me urgent messages.

  • Zetryxs



  • sonix

    Ahmed Saeed this is exactly what discord needs


  • Modulo

    Right-click user that u don't want notifications from, press mute user. You can also do this with servers. Also when you do this, you have to be idle or online. If you still get mentioned from server or user, the person can change notification settings(by right-clicking) and turn it to none.

  • FoxFireUnknownYT

    Thats true but being able to prioritise people makes it a lot easier if you don't want to be disturbed by certain people but theirs a chance you'll forget someones muted so its better to have it there so when you check discord it'll show that they've messaged