NITRO Custom Connect sound clip


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  • Marphh

    As much as I like this idea, with people getting creative with their own join channel messages. There's always the people that abuse it. And yes, that doesn't mean that if there's a way to abuse a feature on discord, that means it shouldn't be added. No, what it means is it should be monitored. But with a feature like this, its too easy for people to abuse it.

  • ichiidev

    I think too, just a earrape sound everytime someone join and this person just need to spam joining/leaving the channel and we don't have any ears anymore 😕

  • Xcap

    you guys didnt see the part where he said it would have to be on a server that was nitro boosted? This would mean that only a server with an actual community would have this feature. No large community server is going to annoy their community with earrape or something stupid. Also discord could add a feature in sounds to make it so per server sounds are disabled and enabled