Server Emoji Usage Statistics


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  • Karate Wumpus
    Yea, it would be cool but not the most useful thing in my eyes. Rn i know that a bot can do. Great suggestion
  • charitwo
    Seems legit.
  • darkwingD A N K

    Oddly enough, a huge case for this feature is it would aid the understanding of which discord emoji would make a case for officially adding to unicode emoji. In order to submit an emoji proposal, one must supply evidence to substantiate the emoji's usage. Existing usage statistics would be very useful for making that argument. See

  • Slips

    I was about to make a suggestion for this myself. As an owner of my own server and an admin of a couple more, being able to see what emotes are being used and which aren't would help to free up space for potentially new emojis to be added to my servers.

  • santiagoitzcoatl

    This would be a great addition, especially for bigger server, where an objective analysis would be very helpful as a tool for decide which emotes are more relevant for the community.

  • FireNotWolf

    are the news about this ?

  • Conifer ConnieTreeCow

    Yes this is exactly what I need, maybe there could also be a role permission for viewing emoji stats (or it could be grouped in with Manage Emojis), but as the owner of two servers that hit their emote limit, it would be really useful to know which ones are worth keeping, and also just for the fun of knowing that people like to use certain ones. There are discord bots that track emoji usage to an extent, but they can only do it for servers the bot is in. A built in feature that collects stats of the server's emotes used by Nitro users in other servers and DMs would be amazing, maybe it can even show how many unique members use each emote how many times, to differentiate between many users using :example: a few times each and one user using :example: a lot.

  • Elspeth

    +1 would be a great use for emoji servers since one can't easily tell which emoji is used most in other servers

  • lagersosse22

    Being able to see what emotes are getting used and which aren't might help to unfastened up area for probably new emojis to be brought to my servers.

  • ottre

    The problem with this idea is that it reduces the demand for Nitro subscriptions (it makes it easier for mods to free up emoji slots without buying Nitro), so it's unlikely that it will be implemented. Or if it is implemented, it'll likely be Nitro-exclusive.

  • Echowolf97

    In response to Ottre. It could be a server level requirement to use it. This would be a greatly helpful function for server owners and server staff. I was ready to make a post about this myself before I saw this one existed.