Discord Bots in private calls


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  • ichiidev

    Hi, as the bots doesn't have any friend list, this isn't possible and will be very hard to make and i think for me very useless... Because bots will need to update their codes to be able to well interact with groups that are dms... Anyway good suggestion for some poeple that use more groups than servers

  • Xcap

    If you need a bot just make your own discord server for your friends. I can understand needing a music bot in your discord call but like why not just go to a discord server?

  • - ̗̀ Steyn ̖́-

    maybe because u have a max on discord server people like me who jointed 100 server cant join another 1

    and the most servers don't have a music bot 

    u can send some bots a invite link to a server

    so a private call hase a link aswel 

  • Bobosky

    Wait, you cannot invite more than 100 members in a single discord group??