Allow Nitro Credit to be used without the need to insert payment info


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  • SaltFreeChips

    This needs to be implemented asap, literally no reason to force people putting their credit card details/paypal when its a gift. When you get birthday gifts, you aren't supposed to be showing your bank details before receiving it. I'm not sure why is this grace period even a thing if its creating problems for you guys.

  • lumb'er
    good idea
  • [폰압] Fritz


  • Dryzane

    this is really needed becuase i am stuck with this problem for over  month now 


  • BSApricot

    I'm currently stuck with the same issue which is leading to another issue that when I move to put my credentials in to activate a sub in order to use the credits, it adds a server boost payment as extra which I do not want. There's no option to take off the Server Boost addition. :/

  • Shadow King

    My Xbox game pass gave it to me with there new partnership and i dont have a credit card this is BS!!! Why the heck do you need peoples credit card info for claiming a gift?

  • ShirouML

    why this isnt a thing already such bs...

  • William08172

    I just ran into this issue. It's clearly trying to force people into a subscription they'll forget about. I do not have credit cards nor a working paypal so I mined crypto for 15 days, bought a working gift link, and now Discord has essentially stolen my $10 because I can't redeem a credit I already own. Will never buy nor request Nitro from a friend again until this is resolved, not ony because it's extortion, but also because I couldn't even use it if they got me it.

  • AwkwardOctopus

    It may just be technical but this comes off as super shady, Discord. I don't want to and shouldn't have to expose my payment information to you in order to use a gift. I got two Nitro gifts a month ago, hours apart, from two different people, and now I believe I'm being coerced into using my payment information if I want to redeem the second one. If there isn't a way to delete that information afterwords, I am going to consider removing my account. :( It's a real shame, because I was considering subscribing to Nitro before I realized how sketchy this was. 

  • Eggie


  • 정국 Kookie

    Yess, I'm dealing with this rn ;-;

  • Sunmi

    I'm stuck with the same problem :(

  • Juicebox

    This has been an issue for 10 months now and it hasn't been fixed? Woww okay, in my situation I have a friend supplying me with nitro classic and I accepted a gift to renew it maybe two days before my current planned ended. I figured it would just add air time to my nitro instead of turning into a credit. I had no idea about the credit system, it's super tough because I cant accept the credit, so really Discord just kind of stole $5 since the subscription is going unclaimed.

  • pilot

    same problem, i got a nitro subscription while i had a classic one, now i need to put bank details which i don't have
    there goes my friend's $10

  • Gaga

    I agree, Recently a friend gifted me a Nitro classic ( $5 ) And a week or so, Another friend gifted me a Discord nitro ( $10 ) I claimed it and it didnt upgrade my plan. instead, it became a Nitro Credit. Well its all good but the problem is, I dont have a got damn credit card neither paypal? I cant even do anything right now since i dont have a freaking credit card. WELP discord prolly scammed $10 then, GG

  • Xini

    Well I was in the same boat a month ago. After trying out several things, I gave up and decided to enter my payment details. I opened discord in my browser, and clicked on subscribe. And voilà, I didn't need to enter any payment details (it was optional). It consumed the nitro credit and I got my nitro. Opening discord in the browser worked for me, but I don't know if it will for others. However, I think it's worth a try. Good luck!

  • verytide

    I really need them to implement this or else I have no choice but to ask my dad to give me his payment info and tell him I will then cancel the subscription (I am literally so tempted to do this)

  • Akai



  • undis

    same Akai, i dont have a credit card so i cant get the gamepass

  • Kuroxeno

    I got nitro credits from gift also and can't activate it without subscribing and pay. Don't put a gift option at nitro if the receiver will still pay

  • undis

    it says i dont have to put a payment method in, so u should be fine

  • Ryn

    You just need to subscribe in browser it works.

  • jean_ravenclaw

    same here, i need payment mothods BUT I DONT HAVE ONE


    i need it asap to claim my nitro

  • Kuroxeno

    Thanks for the idea. I claimed my nitro credits from login my discord account to browser without paying anything. Just proceed to nitro classic subscription the one with 10$ your nitro credit will be used and activate it for free

  • jean_ravenclaw

    Thing is, I tried browser but my link is for Nitro Boost, meaning I also get the Xbox Ultimate Gamepass. It's not the usual embedded nitro, but a link.

  • 10K

    I think this is bullcrap and should be removed, I've been gifted by close friends multiple times and they just wasted their money. 

  • Duckz

    I agree 100%

  • Toffee0Coffee

    I'm dealing with the same issue rn

  • wicked

    same issue here. I was gifted a 1-year nitro subscription, but it turned into a credit as my previous month-long gift was expiring. it's just sitting there as a credit, not even in my gift inventory, and I'm currently prohibited from clicking on the "subscribe" option. 


    I will note that the previous month-long subscription went through the same issue, but I managed to figure that out somehow...sadly, I don't remember, and I'm seeing literally no way around it this time since the two subscriptions are different. 

  • suiren-hakuryū

    I reeaaally need help with this