New Announcements Feature and Bot Usage.


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  • ThatOneRoadie

    We also have an announcement channel on one of our servers that is entirely fed by webhooks and bots, and does not see manual interaction. A "Publish All" feature on these channels would be spectacular.

    Edit: Our webhook publishing script also is being rate-limited (the Publish rate limit is once per hour). We do occasionally publish 2 or 3 videos at the top of the hour.

  • Corcustos

    I agree with this suggestion. I need to be able to feed bot messages into my game clan's discord.

  • Taran

    Today I spent the morning setting up announcement channels only to be very disappointed to find out that none of my automated announcements (server status, etc) will work.  These automated announcements use bots and webhooks to keep my followers informed of the status of the site and new updates.  Again, this is a huge disappointment that after all this setup nothing will change for the better...

  • Hellcat007

    The ability to have webhooks and bots auto publish messages would be very useful in one of my servers as we have a direct RSS feed running from our Emergency Warnings provider about severe weather and bushfire updates.

    The idea of the channel itself is so people can follow it in their servers (If they live in Western Australia) and and receive direct RSS feed updates about all emergency warning incidents in the state without having to keep on re-opening the Emergency WA site. This way, updates come to them rather than having to search for them online.

    It would be great if you can toggle the ability for them to be automatically published (Ideal in my example), and if this is switched to disabled, bots would post as normal but have a "Publish Message?" button under the message (Like how we have it now under our messages.

    While typing this message, another option for publishing messages could be a toggle "Critical Message" option in channel settings.

    Ideally, this would mean ANY published announcement would be sent to all members as a critical announcement no matter if they have the server muted or not. Also, these critical messages would have a different and more alerting tone to them.

  • bottsjw

    With community servers now enabled for announcement channels, the ability to automate the "publish" feature via the API and/or auto publish the entire channel would be great.

  • Saluki
    Sorry for the misunderstanding, but do you mean - automatically publish messages in an announcement channel? And if you do, can I suggest that this is enabled through an option in channel settings?
  • Saluki
    Ignore the last part of my previous comment, I missed the "Publish All" section of your suggestion.
  • parrycarry

    This defeats the purpose of Announcement Channels when you have to manually publish every post. If someone follows my announcement channel, they should get every message. The ability to choose which messages get published should be 100% a setting, not forced. Making your server a community one is only useful for Insights and Welcome Message. Announcement Channels are a joke.