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  • Omegaxiel Lexiel

    Hello people, an update.

    I received a few messages about the "Push Notification Inactive Timeout", however, that doesn't seem to work on my machine or other people's machines I asked at all.

    After this Push Notification Inactive Timeout, I've left my PC on while going away repeatedly, day after day, as I usually do nowdays, for hours at an end. It was set to 10 minutes (by default?) but it never pushed anything to my phone, I always had to check only to see the messages I missed. Which was really annoying when a friend of mine really needed help and I didn't know at all until I got a call asking why I wouldn't answer her pleas for help, if I'm okay, if something happened, etc.

    Literally the ONLY thing that worked was logging out and shutting EVERYTHING off. My PC homestation, my work laptop, my other laptop, everything.

    We've done these tests to verify:
    1) We've been Invisible, as we often are when not gaming, left timer on 1 minute, didn't do anything, didn't work.
    2) We've been Invisible, left game on or had it turned off, didn't work.
    3) We've tried having Spotify on and off, didn't work.
    4) We've tried going Online, Busy, Away, didn't work.
    5) We've tried leaving only clients on (, Steam, Epic store, etc) and Discord with the timer, didn't work.
    6) We've tried leaving literally only Discord on, didn't work.

    I don't know if this is related to any gamer hardware that Discord recognized. AKA My wireless headphones are set to not sleep unless turned off (but I turn them off when going away anyway). My friend's feed updates automatically. Some of us have mice that pulse, glow, "strobe" light, etc. But even friends without any of those don't get the notifications.

    I'm honestly coming at a loss. It doesn't seem like an issue on our end. It truly would be easier if we could back, or at least have the option to, have Push Notifications always active.

    I'll add list of applications that I usually have running unless I turn them off:
    Chrome; Discord; Spotify; Steam; Uplay; Epic;; Aorus Engine; Logitech Gaming Software; Xbox App; Overwolf; my antivirus software; Nvidia Experience.

    I honestly have absolutely no idea why would any of those above - excluding Discord - cause this issue, but I guess that's on the devs, what they consider as "being inactive" truly means.

    In the meanwhile, an option to just TURN NOTIFICATIONS ON would be extremely helpful, until the devs work out these issues.



  • xavier

    I have done some research and found that phantom inputs are to blame.

    If you are on Windows, I wrote a program to help you identify what causes it. Simply follow the instructions listed on the page and enjoy!

    For non-windows users, try unplugging all unnecessary peripherals until you find the culprit.