Screen share worked fine. Why fix when it isn't broken.


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  • Celeron
    Server screenshare was replaced with Go Live and they function almost identically, Discord is investigating the possibility of adding the ability to share your entire screen with Go Live.
  • LORD


    Go Live works nothing like Screen Share. Go Live only functions with a select few programs that are picked up by Discord, so if the program you want to stream with (say, an indie game that isn't part of a mainstream launcher, or an art program, or something on your desktop) isn't automatically picked up by Discord? You just can't stream it. It's far more limited and far less intuative.

    Screen Share worked perfectly and as OP says, there was no need to fix what wasn't broken. Having Go Live is fine on its own, but you cannot honestly believe a system with far less versaility and features than Screen Sharing makes for a good replacement, it just doesn't.

    Bring back screen share.

  • Kaizo

    I'm going to go ahead and bump this because it's very important.  Go Live works nothing like Screen Share, and I'm unable to stream programs as I was before.  The Screen Share functionality was nearly perfect, save the ability to change audio on the receiving end, which Go Live DID fix.  But discord DRAMATICALLY reduced the functionality.  So.....please reintroduce the ability to share screen and programs?

  • Crux

    +1 for this.  Why did discord ruin the screen share functionality.  It worked so well.  Also Go Live is glitchy anyway.  My friends stream will stop constantly and just not work again till he closes and opens discord.  I've never had a single issue with screen share.

  • GOLiathus

    well now its completely gone so you have nothing to complain about, all discord seems to do imo is get worse and worse the more time progresses