Dissatisfied with changes to Nitro Gifting and "Credits"


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  • William08172

    Same issue here, I am very dissatisfied with Discord because without a credit card or working paypal they are holding my $10 hostage.

  • Geminai

    The fact that this is still a relevant complaint 5 months later is exactly why I haven't paid anything into discord since making this initial topic.
    There needs to be a way to do this without auto payments or stored information.

  • KitanoKen

    Yeah I hate the update, I primarily use discord on IOS and because I’m on an apple family plan Where all purchases come from someone else’s card (another terrible system) I cant do the cheese of starting a subscription, using the credit, then canceling the sub before it charges me. So now I have a nitro credit just sitting in my account and I can’t use it. It also ruins it for anyone who doesnt have access to a debit/credit card, since you have to link a card to use a credit now it limits the ability to use gifts, not to mention how now gifting is pointless. If you give someone a gift and they dont have a nitro sub already then you just wasted your money. And even if you get them a gift it isnt the same meaning, it used to be you were giving someone the nitro perks and it was an actual “Gift” now its just “hey I’ll pay your nitro bill this month”. Kinda ruins the sentiment.