Font scaling with september 9th 2019 release


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  • ZenRei

    Also having this issue! 16px is too fuzzy and 15px is too small. Direct messages column on the left is also too large and fuzzy.

  • StarShadow

    The changes to font scaling are fine, but I don't like that if I manually revert it to the old size (14px) the names get smaller too. We already have scaling settings, I'd like to be able to revert the font size and name size to the way they were.

  • ThePanduuh

    the default size according to the settings is 16px. was old size 14px? 

  • MozarteanChaos

    same issue. new text size is blurry, and absolutely hell to read, but making it smaller makes it... unsettlingly small. it seems like a kinda small difference, but i'm autistic and absolutely hate unnecessary changes to stuff, especially when it makes that stuff actively harder to use, so >:V

    also i think the old size was 16px - 15px looks a bit smaller than i recall it being. i think the font itself was tweaked, but the Technical™ size stayed the same, if that makes literally any sense at all. might be a bit different for mobile though