Option for Banned Members to See Ban Appeal Link


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  • Stephen
    And whats stops me from putting this link as a malicious link?
  • Peekofwar


    And why would you want to put a malicious link? That seems like a good way to get your server shutdown if Discord got wind of what you're doing. Surely that's against Discord's terms of service. 

    No, but let me answer your question with a question. What stops you from posting a malicious link in a server already?

  • Mister ZDecoding

    I want that too because I want to go back on that server to like apologise


    how do i look at people from my servers ban appeals


  • Change da world

    Aw man

  • 🏯The Mysterious Temple🏯

    where i appear? i got banned for being joking abount my age and discord said im banned for be ''under age'' 

  • Peekofwar

    "how do i look at people from my servers ban appeals"
    Well, the example I gave was a Google Form, which, users would fill out a form to request an appeal, and a moderator could view the form entries and decide whether or not to accept an appeal.

  • BunnyBoltXZ

    I haven't seen any ban appeal from slogoman's discord server.I kept searching but none.


  • Airbus A330-200

    This is a really great idea.  Instead of reaching out to someone with a bot (which will probably fail 50% of the time due to a mutual servers issue), this would be a great alternative and would make it easier for banned users who actually want to appeal.