Add Apple CarPlay and Android Auto feature


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  • Croc

    As long as it is only for voice calls and not viewing chat, I'd be okay with this. Keep your eyes on the road.

  • Grizzly6 Adams9

    Of course. The only thing I could even think would be if you included the read out accessibility feature. But yeah definitely only voice channels no chat.

  • El Grazo

    was just thinking about that, yeah voice chat should definately be a thing on android auto

  • Hatchback34

    I would also like Discord voice chat to be added to Android Auto / Apple CarPlay! Just start the car version of the app with a user's list of servers. They could just tap one and join it. Could be faster than making a phone call!

  • -phoenix-rose-

    I would like messages on discord to show like a text on android auto so I can tell it to read out a message

  • Graftax

    A feature like this would make me feel like my nitro money was well spent.

  • Pepper Sachet

    +1 to this. It would be a great way to stay connected while out on the road.