Member list - hide online users


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  • Whoa

    Hello! I doubt that discord will remove online users but it is more likely to remove people without ranks.


    Still Chill

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  • cupid.rips.hearts

    That won't stop scammers, as they can read the chat and spam those in the chats.

    On one of the servers I'm in, we have a #welcome channel, where all new users go to.
    Then they get a role to join all other channels.

    A scammer can spam those roleless users anyway.
    Or get the role and just read all the channels and spam there.

    Regardless, it is a cool feature.

    It would be cool if this feature only affected those users in the "online list".
    That is, without roles that have the option "Display role members separately from online members" enabled.

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  • ProfDinkins

    I want to use Discord for my class that's moving online unexpectedly, and I would if I could hide the students from being able to see (and therefore easily contact) a full list of all of the students in the class.

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