Re-sizable column size


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  • FreeXenon

    Please, dear god yes!!!! <3
    I have tried this too many times too.
    This is sooo annoying!

    All widths should be adjustable, period.

  • Öttze


  • Ouronos

    You have no idea how many times I try to adjust the width, forgetting that this is not already a feature. 
    (Well, you have an idea, I wish Discord Programmers had an idea!)

  • Mr_Eizo

    PUSH! We realy need this! 

  • Komma

    Why ist this a feature, can't be that difficult to implement.

  • Lulu

    Bump, this is a much needed QOL feature. It's way too easy for voice channel names to be truncated, especially if it's size capped - the channel name gets truncated even more to fit the label showing how many people / max people there are. And as others have mentioned above, we also have members who use multiple names and put their real name or pronouns in parens next to their name - and this gets easily cut off.

    Meanwhile Spotify, also an Electron app, lets you adjust columns as you would expect. Please implement this!