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  • Neko-san

    @YamiYukiSenpai It starts with the fact that they don't officially support Arch, so if something goes wrong and you tell them you use anything besides an Ubuntu or Debian distro, they'll just turn you away.

    Personal example:
    I had an issue where Discord pings caused my FPS to wildly fluctuate in games and mentioned it happened in every distro I've ever used (including an Ubuntu-based distro); long story short, they spent literally a year going back and forth with me on this and it ended with "we don't support your platform" because I now use Arch. :)
    It makes me never want to contact their support again, but here I am petitioning for cross-platform parity as well.

  • YamiYukiSenpai

    It'd be nice for them to officially support Snaps and Flatpak, so that we won't run into issues with Discord updates.

  • Eternal

    Please, dear developers make sound share. I'm tired of switching to Zoom for this.

  • Kraüs

    Here here, absolutely. ALSA is so flexible, it could easily be worked in. The Discord team just needs to devote a bit of time to it. It's been worked in for macOS, so it's definitely possible. This has been needed for years. There's been no dedicated Linux developer on Discord's team since 2017.

  • student

    I totally agree

  • Kaiserküeche

    It's been a while i tried a lot of things and soundux is also not that good to share a video for example

    Please support it natively!

  • jenkko


  • Atomo

    The Discord Devs need to get off their asses and actually bring key features that users need.

  • Sid

    Instead of begging and/or agreeing with the OP, I'm here to present an idea as to how it could be achieved.

    Discord could create a null sink with pulseaudio and route game audio into it, while having the null sink playback on default output device and capture the null sink to be sent along with the visual stream.

    I'd be more than willing to help with more specifics too :3

  • Mince

    How is this still not fixed?

  • steelfrost

    Manjaro and Linux Mint user here. I actually came here to suggest exactly this. Happy to see it's so highly voted, this is absolutely a feature we need on Discord for Linux. It's a fantastic feature on the Windows version, I use it all the time to watch youtube videos with friends or play quiplash & other jackbox games remotely. I started using Linux as my main OS a little while back, and this is the Discord feature I miss the most, would love to see this functionality added to the Linux version.



    Discord. Buddy. It's been years since you practically even acknowledged that Linux users exist. This is one of the most highly voted issues. Fix it already. With Steam Deck expected to hit the shelves in about 3 months, you guys need to get on this soon, or I can practically guarantee that Discord won't be the chat client of choice for Steam Deck and SteamOS users.

  • Beoren


  • Klairm 4 years since this tweet....

  • zexu knub

    it's annoying that I've to boot windows just to share the screen with sound.

  • DV1X3R

    The problem is a little bit deeper, than just Discord. I will post some links to explain the chain, that leads to the Chromium issue - the core problem. Long story short - Chromium team should implement linux audio capture support on their side.

    1. Reddit: Screen sharing with audio on Linux?
    2. GitHub (electron): Desktop audio capture does not work on Mac and Linux
    3. Chromium issue tracker: [Linux] System loopback audio capture

    I think this is important step and feature, because of the Steam Deck and Steam OS release.

  • Belloch

    +1. just wanna share my screen with friends

  • MadMonki

    Still no direct support.

  • Kett


    Give us that audio.

  • Abie

    c'mon guys

  • vieru

    m a k e i t h a p p e n a l r e a d y

  • Caliopi

    omg pls


  • jmankman


  • Yoyo

    I can't believe this still isn't implemented, I'm sure I don't speak for just myself in saying that this is the only quality of life things left holding me back from daily driving linux

  • KillerRino19

    yes please 

  • Zin

    I'm going to try the workaround with Soundux tomorrow but I just wanted to say that it's not only needed for gaming but in my case even more for game development. Yes, they can download the build and run it on their machine, but if you want to demonstrate a feature or a bug it's just cumbersome.

  • Acid

    +1 Would be really useful

  • Gu1ltyP01nt3r

    +1 I'm really trying to find a workaround for a long long time

  • Perfectio

    If I could stream audio on Linux I would get Nitro ASAP

  • nuunuu

    +1, this post is currently the #1 request in the voice and video category, even a small acknowledgement would be preferable to what appears to be a complete disregard for linux support. At this point, if a third party comes along with an adhoc screensharing suite that I can send out to friends, I'll just ditch nitro and pay for that.

  • Caliopi

    the soundux workaround is bad because discord has echo cancellation and noise suppression that make the audio of the shared source sound choppy/distorted well you could disable that processing but then would be a lot of background noise from the mic
    not to mention if you share audio from eg youtube and you pause it for 2 mins soundux will forget you were sharing its audio and you need to select it again