Nitro Reveiw/Warning


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  • Henn

    Where were you told that you get an additional two boosts every month? I have never heard of anyone being confused about this before.

  • LunaVenus

    In reading the information, that is how i understood it... and in talking with members - many members in two servers- that's how we all understood it to be- 2 boosters a month- so yeah- i've been told.

  • Captainduckstar04

    I recieved the same email when I requested a claim on this. I've looked at the nitro multiple times it does not say on it that you only get 2 TOTAL. Take classic for instance it states you do not get the 2 boosters. Idc if they aren't going to give us 2 boosters a month, but they need to state that its only 2 boosters for your server you boost unless you change the server. Some people see that it shows it gives 2 boosters and is like I want it. If it doesn't state the obvious then its basically scamming people

  • Tom The Plant

    it literally says nowhere in the perks info 2 boosts per month. It says you get 2 boosts.