Hide Unavailable Emojis to Users Without Nitro


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  • jean_ravenclaw

    This would be really helpful, because I'm only in around 7 servers and the long list of folded servers still makes my emoji list crowded. What more for people with hundreds of servers?


  • Sentar

    I'm totally supporting this. I haven't Nitro (i can't afford it because Discord haven't regional prices), but i have some useful smileys through twitch. So while i'm present on a lot of servers, i have to scroll down, to those servers with smileys i can use. That is annoying.
    So option to hide smileys i can't use would be rea-a-ally nice.

  • pentodel

    Fully support this! I think a toggleable setting would be nice, since it still would, by default give Discord the ability to advertise the Nitro emoji perk while still giving people unable or unwilling to get Nitro a little reprieve.

    Related, but if you type the name of the emoji out on desktop :likethis: but it assumes it's an emoji that you can't access (especially exasperating if you're in multiple servers that have the exact same custom emoji with the exact same name), it wouldn't preview the emoji in your text as if it were something you could use. You could disable this under the same switch as above.