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  • Ane

    Not a fan of this idea. Streamers can choose to either:
    Get paid by twitch and make a living off of it, or whatever platform they stream on
    Pay discord, and lose money in order to stream to people.

    This wouldn't be beneficial to anyone besides already big name streamers. It wouldn't be worth it for anyone not already making a living off of twitch. Which seems very pointless.

  • Matthy ⁴ᴹ

    Similar to Twitch though, everyone starts off somewhere, and no matter if you have a large following or not, eventually work with sponsors. Maybe Discord could even partner that same that Twitch does. I also think you are misunderstanding. People with Nitro Tier II pay the extra money which is used to support creators they sub to. If they are not sponsored they would do the exact same as Twitch, require a certain following in order to get partnered. This whole idea creates a more seamless way for people who stream/want to get into streaming to be able to build a following quicker. I will create a mock design to show what I mean.