don't get rid of the monospace font


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  • Wayland

    Update* There does indeed appear to be a monospace issue on some devices across the board, take the info below with a massive grain of salt.


    Did inline single backtick code blocks ever look mono spaced on mobile? On Android I don't believe it ever has.

    Make sure if you want monospace always use a triple backtick.



    All code in here will be monospace on all platforms.

    And always displayed separately from non code block text.



    `This will only be monospace on desktop,

    and will not be separated from non code text on the same line.`


  • Fort

    response to the above: the code blocks pictured are triple-backtick code blocks; you can tell by the way they both extend past the right edge of the second image, all the way to the right edge of the desktop chat window. I cropped the image for readability.

    personally, I use iOS, and still see these code blocks as monospace on both PC and mobile. my source for the non-monospace fonts is an Android user, who also has old screenshots of monospace code blocks. the below screenshot was taken in June 2020, and clearly features both triple-backtick (top) and single-backtick (bottom) code blocks, both monospaced:

    plus, even if it were the case that, for whatever reason, Android in particular did not have monospaced code blocks, I don't see why they shouldn't be added to Android. that's still a problem needing fixed

    (edit: switched to an uncropped screenshot)

  • ax6

    Honestly, I'm surprised anyone could think using proportional fonts for code blocks was a good idea. Instead of giving us feature parity for code blocks (i.e., syntax highlighting), we get an antifeature nobody needs or wants.

    If this must remain this way, at least add a setting for it. I can see the point of using a proportional font to allow longer lines to fit, but the same could've been achieved by simply making the font smaller.

  • Wayland

    Fort You are indeed correct. I have now chatted with others having the same issue. Hope they fix is soon.

  • EleKtr1X

    Can reproduce on Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge (Android 7) and Google Nexus 5 (Android 6).

    Same thing has happened to me, I thought it was a problem only I had.

  • data4pass

    I encountered the same problem on my Samasung Galaxy J500G (Android 6.0.1). This only happened since the last update (18 Dec. 2020).

  • SeaPy

    Got same issue in android version 53.8, not sure if this happened before.