Applying a Server Template to an existing server!


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  • NathanFostr

    Yes Please! I thought we could already do this and tried. This would be a wonderful addition to Discord!

  • LostnSound

    Yes! I'm looking for this feature. I'm currently building a test server for an existing server because there are some things I want to test before implementing in my company's public discord server and it would be great if I could make changes on a template and test before pushing to the official server.

  • Discord Moderator

    I beg for Discord to add this idea, I thought it already existed; it would've been extremely useful!

  • WeserBlitz

    I've been wanting this feature for a while, but although it would be a great feature, it can absolutely be a slippery slope applying a fresh template to an existing Discord server.

    I would bet that the Discord staff has already considered this, but have probably come to the conclusion that it would be potentially way too risky to mess with existing, sizeable server configurations.

    I am already spending a lot of time managing a rather small community of 65 active users. Tasks related to the planning and implementation of role- and channel permissions for bots and users is a time consuming effort, and I know I would be completely devastated if all those hours went to waste. As a consequence I have made it a routine to be vigilant about documenting the current configuration in detail. 

    Overwriting even my own community server's config with a fresh template would actually be something that I wouldn't even consider at this point. It would be way to risky, and would inevitably make my community suffer serious downtime.

    Legally, Discord could, arguably, also be liable for intellectual property being potentially purged and/ or rendered useless by an overwrite, so it would be pretty scary for them, too.

    Adding a backup feature should at least be a prerequisite in order to implement such a feature, so that the server admin can easily roll back any changes made.

    Sorry if I sound like a party pooper, but even if they roll out such a feature with a big disclaimer attached, you can bet a trillion dollars that the Discord Support staff would be having their hands full 24/7.