Discord stream sound not working


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  • SophMore

    Me and my friends have noticed this too, we've had a hard time watching anime and video's together, because the sound won't work. I think the developers of discord should take a look at the issue as it is a tremendous nuisance.

  • Barbara


    I have same question. Please guide me. I will be very thankful to you.

    Thanks 홀덤

  • Dimitri

    I've the same problem, and I heard Mac Users can't share sound with the screen. Is it some kind of authorizations problems ?

  • Ebiko


    Well somewhat correct

    For now only the windows version allows streaming with the application audio
    Linux and mac do not
    One reason might be it's harder to implement.

    Mac os may be getting it though (since something like loopback exists , it is possible)
    Linux will probably not - since it's super hard to capture a single application stream for now (and something like loopback does not exist )

  • Ebiko

    Somewhat correct dimitri
    I'm not sure if it's an authorization issue , but since things like loopback exists , it may be possible to work in the future

  • Stevenzocker

    well let's say that could come frome using discord on a unixoid operating system

    but still discord should definetly fix it/ implement it