Allowing us to use the same number on multiple accounts


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    This is a very good idea, if you need to verify other accounts but you only have 1 Phone Number then this should fix it!

  • devil is back bitchs

    The 1 week cooldown is good, because else people will add infinite accounts with their phone numbers, so the 1 week cooldown is good for this.

  • Day-z

    Discord's policy of 1 number per account is crap.  It seems you can't even use the same number on a new account even if you delete your old account.

    The discord devs need to understand that some of us need to use multiple accounts  in order to keep work separate from personal stuff.  So I need at least two account, but ideally 3 or 4.  This isn't rocket science. 

    For example, Twitch allows up to 5 accounts on the same number, and if one of the accounts receives a site-wide suspension, the rest will be suspended too.  That's totally fair and effective to enforce bans, while allowing users a little wiggle room.  It's even more important for discord to allow that because we don't just use it for entertainment but for work and other things.