integrated 2fa / 2fa through email


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  • axialpnosfias

    I agree that 2FA shouldn't rely on third party companies. Especially when some of these are selling data as a business.

  • PhilMinecraft

    My friend's account got locked out and he's the owner of my server, and now I can't moderate people inside the server because of other members spamming there even that is admin too, my friend leave out because the admin is spamming, and I can't kick them ;-;

  • iNgeon
    • Please allow for an option to use 2FA via email or sms to manage allowed devices.
      3rd party apps are a problem in so many ways

  • Mişure

    I think discord should make a app for the option 2FA I agree that some of apps selling our personal datas for business. For us users there is no apps we can trust (Specially the 2fa apps). So discord should came with a app that we can use at 2fa.

  • HeLLBaS

    Two-factor authentication by mail must be enabled.

    My account is disabled due to this problem.

    I attached to them the evidence that proves that I am the owner of the account, but the only response was to delete the account so that I could create a new account with the same mail.

    Very stupid. It is assumed that if I have permissions to request deletion of the account, I should also have permissions to restore the account.

  • sitrik

    Email verification is so simple…can Discord just allow this plz