Let us disable reply pings


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  • R0b0t5Are5uper10r

    I think they should have reply pings off by default. I didn't even see the button to turn them off at first either. It was much easier with quote to just delete the ping.

    If they had pings off by default or otherwise made it so you don't have to turn them off every time I might actually like this new feature...not sure how I feel about the look of it though, the smaller messages take up less screen space but they do look a bit...odd to me? Not as neat having small text squeezed in there, but maybe that's just me not being used to it. The feature's not bad other than the having to turn pings off every time but it doesn't really feel like an improvement over quotes to me.

  • Rasarr

    Yes! Let us turn them off! Ping, to me, always implies that I should hop into Discord and check immediately, while the replies... really don't require that. I was honestly surprised that I can't turn them off, and it's making the whole feature ten times more annoying than it should be.

  • Sakurako Oomuro

    Yes please! Pings by default fucking suck and having to turn it off all the time is a pain in the ass, what were they thinking?

  • Klepdar

    OMG please.  the reply feature is ridiculously obnoxious, ideally I want a way to just turn them off entirely and see them as in-line chat again.  Please please please this feature needs to die in a fire.

  • Odex

    Please add an option to disable replies in server settings or a privacy setting where the user who got replied won't get pinged.

  • Sameow

    YES. Please do this, a server I'm on had a full conversation about it. They're all in favor of removing pings on replies.

  • Flowwwie

    +1 please enable an option to disable

  • Deborah

    Honestly if it just defaulted to being off in the first place that would significantly help

  • krista

    PLEASE. If you're not going to make it off by default, please give users the ability to opt-out of being notified by tags. I get so many and it is so obnoxious.

  • Jaipur

    YES.. the reply with a ping is absolutely abnoxious, please make it go away or give us a means to disable it. it sucks and is annoying as hell

  • Hugh

    This would be incredibly useful. I really like the Reply feature as a way to link to the message I'm replying to, but usually don't feel the need to ping the person I'm replying to.

    If I could have a setting to default the "Ping on reply" to off, and then be able to turn it on manually on a per-reply basis, that would help quell the ping-spam that some people get

  • majar

    In a server I'm in, we want to globally disable @-replies with limited exceptions and I hope either auto-@ is off or an option to completely disable reply @'s globally on a server as a role permission would be so much better.

  • Ellie

    And I would love if they also added a keyboard shortcut for toggling whether you mention the author in your reply or not.

  • crew


    I am currently a mod in a server for a fairly large youtuber.
    We had carlbot setup to delete the pings and mute the people before but NOW, people can ping him in replies.

    This is a much needed feature, +1 upvote!

  • LC

    just got pinged 20 times in a row by an annoying user, ADD AN OPTION TO REMOVE THIS HORRIBLE "feature". Server wide, not just per user.

  • reklawykS_leuF

    PLEASE.  For the love of god.  Getting audibly pinged from someone quote-replying something I wrote in a server is annoying to the point where I've started disabling ALL pings from servers.  SERIOUSLY affecting my participation in them.

    This is almost an app breaking F up, I can't believe there's no option to disable pings from the dumb reply feature.  Failure.

  • illutian

    How wasn't this thought of. Like the moment I saw the "@ ON" I was like: "Hmm, can I set it to always been off?"

  • Kinetic1000

    there's a bot that auto deletes message when you ping a staff member so that can easily trigger with replying, there should be a option to make it off by default

  • PoppyTunes

    +1. It is insanely annoying. Would love to disable on my account and my server.

  • snezhniy

    discord pls

  • SirLich

    Hello! This is massively important to me. I've seen three cognizant suggestions to this problem, and I would take any of them. Please just make the spam stop!

    I run a very active 3k person discord, with a strong focus on asking/answering questions. I often jump into conversations with a quick word or tip of advice, and people are using the reply feature VERY heavily to reply to me. 

    Its honestly discouraging me to engage with my community, because I am now getting dozens of "pings" each day, which I can't meaningfully turn off. 

  • GuardianDll

    discord pls

  • Rhuz

    The reply feature is very useful, but being able to set pings off by default would make it easily twice as useful as it already is.

  • Wolfpire ∶ IPaw

    +1. Can't believe this is not part of both, the role permissions and notification settings.

  • Pantheraptorus

    Please, please this.

    I admit, I forget to turn it off sometimes, so much so that now I just don't use it.

    The fact that a user can't disable the notifications -at all-, even when every other ping is disable, or the server itself is muted, is completely ridiculous. I really don't want to have to remove people's ability to ping when necessary, but why is it default -on-!

  • Gnurro

    I can get used to switching off the ping every time I reply.
    But the fact that editing replies forces it to ping inevitably is starting to annoy me to no end, since I often edit messages. I have a staple apology I paste into edited replies now, just to feel a little less annoying...

  • Hugh

    I feel like there are two different features being discussed here.

    • I don't want to automatically ping other people when I reply (this feature would default the ping on reply button to "OFF", and would need turning on per-reply)
    • I don't want to be pinged by people replying to me

    Both are useful features to have, but I wanted to clarify that they are different things.

  • JoyKil

    I google searched for how to turn off these reply notifications and found this request. A ping means I need to pay attention and take action. I went from getting one every few days to getting multiple in an hour, and I can’t just mute my own server! It makes me want to talk less so that no one pings me, or I might have to set a server rule to ask people not to use the feature.
    For the love of god, please turn this off.

  • MysticMismagius

    I'm gonna add my voice to the people asking to please at the very least let it be an option to turn pings off by default.

    I just got 5 accidental pings today from people who replied to me and forgot to turn the ping off because it's on by default and it's starting to get on my nerves

  • watercolor

    Please yes. At least don't make it the default option for crying out loud this is so annoying