New Reply Feature is not good, Please bring back Quote


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  • sportzpikachu

    you can just type a ">" then copy and paste the message after it

  • TerribleTeej

    This "solution" is not the solution, its still requires far more steps than necessary than just clicking on the Quote link and getting it done. Besides, this very same answer has been present to me before and it is not helping the fact that Reply is a terrible feature and that Quote was just taken away without any regard to the people who actually use it.

  • Castor

    What are you talking about? How does prepending bits of your messages with > or >>> take more steps than right-click, quote? Have you heard of copy/paste?

    Hell, I typed up a message earlier, used the reply feature and quoted bits of that same message. I think you're being a bit dramatic. There was little to no disruption of flow. The important thing we have here is that you can scroll your window to whatever you're referencing for ease of access and still type in your messaging field without interrupting where you're looking, which is more than can be said of most forums—where quoting has come from.

    Moreover, quoting entire messages as a means of referencing them clutters chat with stuff that's already in it. I don't want to see that kind of crap unless it's absolutely necessary, and in the vast majority of cases, it isn't. All we needed was a feature that points to the initial message, and now we have both features. You're not using a forum.