Change theme based on system theme


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  • Loos Guccreen

    On MacOS too. It would be indeed great to have the theme linked to the device instead of the account, and to give an option to select the same theme as the system does

  • Embiekins

    I agree with this
    An alternative idea would be to have the theme change during different times of the day, at sunrise through day it's light and at sunset it goes dark

  • Zergling_man

    A hackish way to get this working on Linux would be to have an environment variable that it reads, I suppose, then we could make a script that updates that variable when the system theme changes.

  • Pohatu_Nuva

    Yes I would love to have it change automatically based on system theme. I have Windows automatically change theme based on sunrise/sunset and most apps will change automatically with the system theme. Hope Discord adds this soon!

  • Iluvatar

    I would also really like such a feature and cannot imagine it to be a huge hack. Should be pretty easy to implement.