Notifications for specific users


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  • barnz

    This would be super handy. Also in case you're only interested in messages of the channel admin for example for busy channels

  • Yaadman🇯🇲

    We really need this.

  • jcfuller

    Yes pleeeeaaaasssseeee!!!!!

  • margussa

    Yes please! Need it now.

  • weebos

    Yea, I'm at my wits end with Discord in general. And this is a big reason why.  Its legit a mess trying to jumble 20 servers and miss out on the ONE important message through all the mess because I had to mute everything.  Lets get it done Discord, its EASY to do, I was able to do it with IRC 20 years ago.. come on...

  • piers

    came here to ask for this!! when you're in servers with hundreds of people there's no choice but to have it muted. overrides for specific users you're trying to keep up with would be a game changer! 

  • Ricky Bobby


  • 7strSlnger

    Yeah, I've been seriously considering deleting the app for this reason alone. The Discord notifications on the almost 20 channels I belong to complete overrun my phone

  • alpha.bull

    Yes please make this a feature!! I need it.

  • speedbasedrolex

    Yesssss please make this a feature!

  • weebos

    You know whats even sadder.. I have to resort to tiling about 12 different discords in windows taking up 2 complete monitors.. crazy.. but whats sadder is the fact that if Discord had another feature I'd only have to use one monitor .. that feature is

    ALLOW US TO MINIMIZE/CLOSE THE CHANNEL PANE!!!!!!!!!  We can close the friend list on the right but not the channel list?! doesn't make sense, another easy fix

  • ban250k

    We need this feature discord c'mon post an update listen to your users don't become like Yahoo 

  • elnoelio

    Yeah, seriously this would be a game changer. Could someone from discord give me a reason why they wouldn't want this feature implemented?

  • Rocon

    This please!!!!


  • Shorty Longs

    This really needs to be done. Think it would take discord up a level for sure. Developers: please sort this!


  • StonkseleksI

    That moment when i toss this idea out a literal year ago and come back to find it got traction

  • im_indecisive

    I 100% agree we need this

  • cooldude

    please discord let us have this!! it would be so great for seeing when streamers/youtubers are chatting in their discord servers

  • nims1983

    Can we please get this user specific alert feature? It will be tremendous help with discord of 1000s of users.

  • Tomi010817

    Implement this please!!!

  • riley


  • crimson30

    Why is a stupid server @everyone by default treated as more important than my best friend's DM??  Like a server will change my taskbar notification but a friend won't?  If I leave my desktop for a minute, and there's a server @everyone, not only does my taskbar show a number in the red circle, but if I pull up discord, I can't miss it.  But if someone DMs me while I'm up for a minute, I don't see the same behavior.  Why does discord treat blanket messages as more important than personal messages by default?

  • yann

    Yes I and many others need this feature please!

  • albe

    This is necessary change

  • alessandrotorchio


  • seeker_of_net_knowledge

    2 years old for this suggestion. . .Sad.  I was really hoping this was a feature.  Wish it was.

  • iAMaginary.artxmn838

    2 years.. Everybody needs these feauture. Discord please do it. In servers with a lot of people it is impossible to single out people with whom you want to communicate.

  • Troyboy

    Is this is the exact reason that some of these apps never really get big like Facebook It doesn't have to be some complicated features just make it simple with several options Facebook has always listened to their people and I don't even like Facebook

  • Senin

    I need a different notification for specific users. Do we ask so much? Discord

  • WorstPies24601

    okay but seriously, the fact that I’m years late and this still isn’t a thing astonishes me.