Make nitro boosting based on server size


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  • Ane

    Getting users to boost your server, and getting people to join your server, are two completely different things. Yes, hypothetically they could have way more boosters, but they don't. I know several servers with over 100K members that are unable to even stabily maintain level 2. I also know my own server at close to 6K members struggles to maintain level 3. The amount of nitro users varies from server to server, and suggesting that every server has the same amount of nitro boosters, active boosters, etc, in correlation to their member count is absurd. You could get averages, but the truth is, they lowered this because most servers that hit level 3, hit it within the first week or so. And beyond that, everyone else was failing to hit level 3 at all. I can't even name a server under 500 members that has level 2 let alone 3.

  • Ranshen

    I think 300 hundred server boosts is a bit much