Feature Request - Custom/Shared Member Lists


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  • SonZ

    This is a badly needed upgrade. When you have multiple games that you play with people that speak different languages, it would me nice to be able to see the people that are in the same type of room you are in, so you know who you can say something to.

    By adding a designation to a player, like an alliance tag, when they are in their chat rooms, they should be able to see what members are online. Since the auto translate feature when used by room, it un-clusters the chat in that room, because each room only shows their language. but, they have no idea who is in the ame room, translating to a different language. 

    By adding a tag each member, then to the text rooms, if you have 60 people in General Chat for their alliance, across 3 or  different languages and everyone can see each other, it makes it so much easier to know who's online, and where they are. No hunting through their language to find them....

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