Discord Nitro (new suggestions)


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  • jae_p__🎀🐱

    I think it would be dope if we could buy like boost packs. I have a channel for a small guild that I would love to boost levels without having my other members buy nitro. I would play extra if they offered like x amount for an extra boost.

  • RoleplayeR

    Nope cuz will turn into pay 2 use discord... (said about buying boosts ;D)

    About other features form the thread is fine... but long time ago when we had 1 nitro were cool and cheap now they added nitro games so if you do not wanna games that`s ok. But they started adding perks like server boost and other cool stuff to the expensive plan of nitro 9.99 and thats bad...

    Ex. Animated background of profile via Nitro 5$ and Normal background for normal users or Jpg normal and gif backgrounds for 5$ tier