increase pin limit in dms


5 條評論

  • ccirene

    YES! ugh some people just don't understand what it is to be iconic... we need more pins! 

  • Dreams
    Yes but It would be better if you could put it to a certain time like after 20 days of the pin it would clear it or something because c'mon we all know no one is going to look at all pins
  • TanyatheShyDragoness

    Yes! My DMs with a certain friend often hit the limit bc there's just too much quotable content to pin! We've had to do spring cleaning with our pins recently and it's not fantastic. So please, let's get the pinned limit up to ~Unlimited~, if possible!

  • Quoteory

    50 is way too small, I've been on discord for years and I've been chatting with my friend often since 2017 and we reached the pin limit and we don't even pin very often, so we have to go back and unpin stuff just to pin one thing

  • bart

    YES! Sometimes when chatting with someone there's just too much good stuff and it's not possible to choose between what to pin and what to not