Boosting not worth it - Ripoff.


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  • Junoshot

    If the only point of being on discord is to stream to random strangers than why be on discord period. The main point of discord is to talk and chat with people and not show someone your subpar skills in minecraft bedwars. I will admit with the main point of this comment chain is the issue with file upload size because if discord is gonna promote itself as a website where you can share art to everyone on its front page then the file upload size should be more than what it is now and not a measly 8 mb. Also against the main point of the comment chain, if you only earn $100 monthly than you need to find a job and stop living off of the allowance your parents are giving you for doing chores. Over all both sides have great points.

  • Sandwich_Slayer

    ok first of all. nitro costs $10 a month (half of that for classic which really just removes the free boosts)

    second of all, the minimum price to boost a server  is $150 if 15 people get nitro, which also gives them perks


    third of all, discord nitro literally costs the same as spotify premium A.k.a not that much, plus you can access nearly all of discords features for free compared to spotify where you have to pay to choose songs, have no ads etc.


    if you're really complaining just know that discord could just lock all of the app behind the same paywall

  • Borg


    You're really not getting it. After those free boosts are used, they are used. Anyone who's been paying beyond a month to contribute boost points to a Discord server, they will have to pay from there on for any boost points they want applied to whatever server they are applying them to. Once the 2 free points are used up, that's it. From there on anyone who's subscribed to Discord Nitro pays for every point to boost. There are no monthly free points beyond the first month of subscription.

    It's a one time deal to boost servers to level 1 so as to encourage people to spend more money to get level 2. This is dirty deceptive business and they're not precisely clear about how the boost point system truly works. People are getting the wrong impression of how this free points thing actually works. You get 2 for the first month subscription. That's it. No more freebies after that. So you see, it's not cheap after the first month of everybody boosting just to reach level 2 or 3 and maintain it. This stuff becomes very costly very quickly should you want to boost a server to level 3 and keep it there. Stop paying the monthly subscription and it's back to level 1. 

    This is why it's so important that people actually take the time to read terms of service and agreements, but the problem is all too many people can't be bothered, yet they spread misinformation swiftly and promptly, to the world. This is why the internet kind of sucks today in general. Everyone's a know-it-all, but knows little about they're actually talking about or doing.

  • Junoshot

    Then go do it. If something like this annoys you so much than go do and buy yourself a chat room. Discord already has too much of a population of discord using nitro to change it anytime soon. Though I will agree with what you said and that if the prices are this low then they shouldn’t make you pay at least $100 a year just to get something google gives you on hangouts. Boosting I will admit should be cheaper also with you being given two free boosts with discord nitro but then if you want any more it’s gonna cost you $5 a month which gets stupidly overpriced when you want to try and boost more than 4 servers. I know this is just dumb thinking but it would be nice if the server owner could choose what aspect of the server get upgraded with each server boost but the won’t happen.

  • Ane

    Calling me: Unintelligent, Ignorant, a sympathizer, a victim card player, and mocking things I write, isn't civil, and definitely is an attempt to insult, but aight. Anyways, good luck with this thread. I'm going to be removing myself to the convo. We'll agree to disagree, just like you said initially, even though I even tried telling you I am partially on your side. Cya, have a good night/day man.

  • ! Demmenter ✌

    Your all mad that this company that made an honest app wants money? My bad the people that made this want money from it. if you spent this much time on an app wouldn't you want money? the "low cost" of servers is still cost money. and a 100 dollar a month salary, first of all, that's not even minimum wage second those people won't be using discord anytime soon since they won't even have the money for f o o d. The idea of nitro isn't you boost your server all on your own. You have people in your server each do a few boosts and then you have a lot and level 3 unlocked. its not complicated. Im not rich no where near it id barely say I'm middle class but 10 dollars a month really? you complain about that? and if you want it without the boosts its 5 a month? really? what else are you gonna use that 5 dollars on? stop whining. nobody wants to hear you complain.

  • ! Demmenter ✌

    Is 10 dollars a month really that expensive for you? 5 dollars? If it's so bad go use anything else. 

  • enqryptive

    youre acting like the entire service itself costs 500$ per month

  • Drayx11

    Oh please, you just played the golden victim card. Cite where exactly i called you unintelligent. PLEASE , and after that you might respond to the actual points i raised, And as far as i know, showing that what you wrote is utter bullsh*t is not called mocking, Ignorant? Excuse me, i'll adress you with "The almighty, all-knowing" from now on, you clearly showed that you definetly are an expert about the topic at hand, and clearly, there is no dicord merch shop, or they don't have funds.This is the effect of debunking all that you have claimed. And my assumption of your intelligence you can clearly guess, but i am respectfull enough not to call you out outright --> wE lIvE iN a SoCiEtY and i need to keep myself PC to not stir up other babbling lurkers to dilute the conversation even further from the original idea. 

    Come to think of it, im trully at fault here. I caught the trolling bait whole heartedly. Peace , mr trollo

  • ActuallyLegendaryBro

    Why do you complain about a feature? Just let the feature be there. If you don't like it, then you don't do. On my opinion is Discord Nitro completely worth it, since it'll contribute to the whole server and you can sometimes get additional features that are set by the server.

    Edit: If you continue so, then the feature maybe will get removed, meaning that Nitro will be less worth, do you really want that?

  • Ane

    None of these things you mention that you think you are suddenly paid for, were ever free. VC was always 64 kb/s. 50 MB upload limit was 5 before nitro classic came around. 100 MB was only introduced recently. A lot of users don't remember, but nitro was made back when Discord was still kicking off. Initially, it wasn't about the perks. It isn't a paygate. They created it for a simple way for users to help support them, while getting some small things in return. A lot of people see it as "Discord Premium" now but it was never intended to be that. Nitro was a way to keep the platform running ad free while getting small perks like 50 MB upload limit and emoji access across all servers. Besides investors, the only way discord makes money is through Nitro. I would not say they are as well off of a company as you seem to think they are, but there's also no way of knowing (unless of course you work for them). 
    I'll have to disagree with your post. Since none of these features you claim used to be free, ever were. Nitro boosting allows us to have perks that previously only massive verified, partnered, or etc servers could have, and if that's a premium free, I'll take it.

  • Ane

    You're being as closed minded as you seem to think I am. I don't like the absurd prices, but you cannot base how much discord makes off of 1. Estimates and 2. How much the company would be worth if sold, because, a valuation is how much the company is worth if the owner sold it, and the 150 million is just an estimate. No one besides the inside of discord can confirm those numbers. So I'd take them with a grain of salt.

    On top of this, I never stated them to be an indie company. I told you that when nitro first started, that's what it was, and the intention. It had immensely less users than skype, and immensely less users than teamspeak. Now, things are definitely different, but that's what nitro started as. Whether it's still that or not, is up to the company's vision for Nitro. They also don't sell merch. I've seen them give it away at conventions, but they don't have a merch store so I have no idea where you got that idea from?

    I'm not blindly going into this. I think that boosting is ridiculous as well. I just don't agree with how you went about addressing it or your suggestions or reasoning. I think that Nitro Classic should get a boost, and I think that regular users should be able to buy boosting. I think that the boosting is absurd, since it supports the server not the individual user, to be priced at nearly the same amount even with a discount as NItro Full if you have classic already. And not letting yearly subs to nitro buy monthly boosts is also very stupid. I don't agree with your claims on the voice quality and such, because that has never been the case and I've been a server owner since I started discord. Maybe your server has constantly been used for testing of these features, they do that with plenty of servers, but for most, that is not the case.

    Appreciate the insults and assumptions though. I'mma yeet now.