Announcement Channel


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  • KerbalBoy
    One of the perks of a verified server is the Announcements Channel. Announcements Channels are for updates of real, official games that appear on your activity feed. Giving that perk to any rich server takes away the importance of the verified servers. If you want an announcement channel, just make a channel called 'Announcements'. Your members should check the announcements - why do you need a special one?
  • SplatSquid

    Just to clarify "Announcement Channels" are new to the verified program. Before that, we weren't able to do that. It's not a rich server, it's just people you believe in it so they support it by buying boosts. Or add a similar perks wich allow us to change the design of the channel by changing the "#"

  • mesub
    It could be
  • playGalaxyNW

    developer license is a one time fee