Lock and archive old feedback requests but don't delete them


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  • moonlightcapital
    disagree. As I'm a volunteer to help keeping clean the feedback site, I always stuble upon many duplicates of the same question. We group them together so users are more likely to find a suggestion with most votes and not have comments scattered around many istances of basically the same request. There's also a bot running on the official feedback server that keeps suggestions stored so we can operate on the quickly, and merging multiple suggestions makes the bot faster when querying the database.
  • 猫耳忍者

    Other ticketing systems typically lock such tickets to prevent additional comments after linking to the master work ticket tracking an issues; or setup an automatic redirect to such ticket. This provides everything MoonlightCapital just described, and also prevents people with the locked ticket from wondering where their ticket went, especially since email notifications can fail to inform of the update for various reasons, from not being sent for some reason to being filtered before reaching the recipient's inbox.