Encrypt Auth Token


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  • Sai Chinna

    No Need for Encryption Plain text will be safe until people have stored safely and Decryption might be hard for many people ig.

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  • CelluloidRacer2

    Do you mean for regular end users or bot developers?

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  • dragonblitz10

    Auth token being bot tokens/user tokens?

    User tokens aren't accessible unless you were digging for them yourself and even then encrypting them is somewhat pointless as they expire and you shouldn't be sharing that or digging for them if asked by users

    Bot tokens are only shown on the developer page and they display new ones every time you refresh the page no need to encrypt them unless you share them.

    are you suggesting a similar auth system where they have to request a token using client ID and secret or something where the token can't be easily found from clicking generate token?

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