Copy And Paste issues


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  • GhostGoddess

    I can agree that this isn't working and I am unable to use the keyboard commands either to paste anything to any of the text channels.

  • epicoswald88

    I can vouch for this; I was the one she was showing it too and I can confirm that it is indeed not working.

  • 4S_fam

    yeah true i cant anymore sending links are hard tooo pls fix it

  • Derikson

    Same issue here!!!!!!! Cant Right click & paste anything, Cant right click & copy anything, anywhere in the discord window. Tried a different wireless mouse, a corded mouse, different browsers, nadda. Even after firing up my older Windows 10 laptop (opposed to my tower) STILL no luck... SO, after trying Other MULTIPLE Machines, hardware, connections, Operating Systems (windows xp, 7, 8, 10) Do Not tell me its MY (all of our) Account or (All of our) My Machines causing the issue.

    wtf did you do discord?! For the love of Christ, even the BOTS arent taking commands properly or at all either!!!!

  • Galaxyrose

    If you use the keyboard cheat Ctrl -V you can paste, there is somthing wrong with discord but this cheat on the keyboard works.

  • Offline_User

    Another user in a server i'm in reported this issue:

    We found a fix that worked for them, go into your settings > text & images > turn off "Preview emojis, mentions, markdown as you type" and then restart discord


    And if it works for you too, might be good to report it in the feedback and testing servers

  • 4S_fam

    yeah true i cant anymore sending links are hard tooo pls fix it

  • Mr Black

    i noticed if u come out of discord completly then log back on u can paste one link or sentence .......then it locks again

  • Starlightwolves12

    Same exact issue! I want to share a link to a fanfiction I'm writing, can't paste anything! Right clicking, nothing shows up.

  • sojourner

    I am having the same problem: can not paste. When I right click nothing happens.


  • Kirsten010

    Same here no right click please solve this it's very frustrating


  • Scoob

    Same for me. cannot copy and paste

  • Byte

    I got a reply on Twitter saying to try and do a fresh install following these steps

    It didn't work for me but it might do for you since it seems there are multiple issues here..

  • Paprikar

    I would like to add that the problem is most likely observed when copying images from Firefox.

    Moreover, in discord two images are attached with names: image.<ext> and the name of the file in the link on the site.
    For example, when copying discord logo from the top of this site ( images with these names are pasted into chat: "image.png" and "cc59daa07820943e943c2fc283b9079d7003ff76.svg".

    It looks as if when parsing data in the clipboard the case when the content is an image is processed, of course processing and attaching the image is successful... But they forgot to add return from method after that and further the content is processed as a base case, i.e. as a usual file.

  • Sarny

    Issue randomly kicked in for me within the past 24 hours. No clue why. Tried doing the suggested fix with changing the "Text Box" settings but it hasn't help any. Restarted the application plenty of times as well as my PC. Really mind-boggling that this just randomly happens without me doing any changes to the app.

    Will note that I am trying to copy out of Chrome.

  • Hexenbalg

    I also had this issue kick in today, noticed first a few hours ago when I tried to copy a screenshot in
    CTRL V works for me still as well, but no right click pasting. Initially it still seemed to work with text inside discord at least, but even that has stopped working.
    I've tried to use the fix of switching the textbox preview setting and restarting the app, and this works temporarily (as in, it almost instantly stops working again)
    I am using the discord desktop app, and have tried copying text and images from various places and browsers, as well as screenshots, and nothing works.

    Also had the double image posting prev poster mentions for quite a while as well, when copying pics from firefox, haven't tested if I run into the issue w other browsers too since that one was more of a mild annoyance, but the pasting thing is a major one.

  • Luneth

    Having this issue when right-clicking and pasting any kind of text from anywhere. Ctrl+V works, but not right-click > Paste. I don't really understand the work-around. How do we contact the devs about this? 

  • Nameless

    Same, quite sure this only started happening today, as I did paste things yesterday. I've yet to find a fix that works for me.

  • Cardinal System

    I can't even do Ctrl + V

  • Bad Intentions☠

    I am also having this issue. I can copy things but when I go to paste them in a discord channel the option will not come up.

  • sojourner

    I sent in a request and have not received a fix yet. Is anyone looking into helping with this problem?

  • SiL _S14

    The image pasting hasn't been working for few days now...


  • Iceman3317

    I have also been having this problem. For a few days. I could copy and paste and then I had to refresh in order for me to post again.

    Now, I can't copy and paste at also. So I can't send links or anything. It also isn't just the App, but the website version as well.

    And even before all thins, links weren't linking correctly.

  • Exy

    i'm also having this problem when is this gonna get fixed?

  • Good ol' Jaz

    I thought I was the only one! And it just started recently too :(

  • Chalky123

    Can confirm turning off "preview emojis" does fix it so that is a good sort-term fix. But the issue appears to be related to chrome only. I can paste (through right clicking) on the discord app just fine. And other(s) (Soujourer) confirmed it works on Firefox. Doesn't work on internet explorer... but discord isn't supported on IE. What a surprise right?

  • Jdot | Seyo Jr

    Does anyone have a problem when copying a text id it says copied Nd it’s not even on ur clipboard

  • Kade

    I'm also having a problem with this too.

  • nana ♡

    i just had this issue kick in for me today as well, using ctrl + v to paste works, but not right click and pasting.  i didnt have this issue yesterday and i just noticed it within the past hour or two.  im also using firefox.

    also the double image pasting has been an issue for me with firefox for several months, i honestly cant remember when that wasnt a problem.

  • Marine Z

    I'm having the same problem right now in the discord app (PC)
    First, everytime i copied an image and pasted it in the text box, it would paste the image twice
    Then out of nowhere, i couldnt right click + paste with the mouse
    So i deleted the software, everywhere: appdata/localdata/register
    re-installed it, right click worked for 5 min

    And now, still out of nowhere i can't even ctrl+v

    I tried with the web application on firefox:
    Same exact problem, impossible to paste anythig either way

    So i tried with chrome this time
    it worked, but "funny" part is now, the app works  .... ??

    i think it's a firefox problem tho