Streaming VLC player


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  • Avenoire

    I hope this gets noticed more. 

    I have a lot of long distance friends and it really helps when we watch together when we stream with VLC. Can we please have it back in the streaming programs? 

    Please and thank you!!

  • {Lex}

    There is still a way to live stream VLC streamer

    Basically you go into games and if you have VLC streamer running on your computer you should be able to manually add VLC as a "game" and then you basically live stream the "game". It works pretty well and the quality is good! Hope that helped

  • Darth Bobo

    If you notice that thread was started months ago, Discord fixed what had been broken, this thread is no longer relevant

  • Blue

    It's relevant again. Blank, black screen when streaming from VLC player.

  • The Nightling

    Yeah, it's relevant again for me too.   I even tried uninstalling and reinstalling VLC and downgrading VLC.   Neither worked.

  • KingKull2112

    Can confirm it's broken

  • Not The Japonese Diverse

    VLC > Tools > preferences > Video > Output > OpenGL video output

    Try this because with me, its working

  • L u c a s

    Not The Japonese Diverse I'm trying to stream a movie and your suggestion helped but now it just gets stuck on the first part of the movie but you can still hear the rest of the movie.

  • wonderland

    What {Lex} said seemed to work for me, as I didnt have a full black screen(as I could see the play/pause buttons but not the actual video). I assume there is a bunch of different issues that cause this, so good luck and shot gun everything people say.