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  • raikyu

    this isnt confusing but ok

  • cronus ampora

    yeah i don't get how this is confusing...

  • connor

    @Dekatron ... he's suggesting a feature... its not added. hes telling discord to add a text below peoples profiles to say something along the lines of "Last Online: ___ days ago"

  • Doubledealer

    This feature isn't implemented yet? Discord feels behind.

  • _krazy.

    That's really what I wanted years ago.

    But you could add a check button that allows showing to people when last time you were online

  • Exec


  • Nib

    I'm in favour of this feature ✋

  • SpookyTwitchWatcher

    I would love this feature to be added! I want to be able to see when my mods were last online.

  • Velkkor

    Pro tip: When something tells you to send something to X other people, assume it's BS.

  • Pink Juicy!

    Yeah... I miss my best friend. They caught coronavirus and I want to know that they're okay, because they used to always respond very quickly. I want to know when they were last online so I can see that they're okay

  • Bo0sted

    Concept art


  • Стофард

    I really look forward to this feature if it appears in Discord

  • judy

    really hope this gets added, also, i dont get how this is confusing

  • Jolidiot

    That might defeat the purpose of Discord implementing the invisible status though since the invisible status is there to hide from others, and implementing that makes it harder to hide from certain users you don't want to interact with. One way to combat it is to make a setting to enable and disable it maybe? Similar to WhatsApp, Messenger, and Instagram

    Edit: Spelling mistake

  • Boonz

    bump, i really like this suggestion

  • 𝘔𝘺𝘵𝘩𝘪𝘤𝘢𝘭 ツ

    Yeah it's something that sound be implemented. I have a group chat of online friends in Discord, and one guy, who was the first guy I actually played with using voice chat, stopped messaging on the group and just never came back. I don't know if he forgot about us, or just left Discord. With this feature, I would be able to see when he last was online to know if he purposely just stopped talking to us, or if it was something else...

  • Nicvi

    This feature would be so helpful, it would allow me to get rid of people who are not active in my groups.

  • Oliver N.O

    i really dont get it can somebody ekseplane it to me in another way

  • Hiruko

    this suggestion is about the ability to see when sb was last time using discord - simmilar to what messenger or teams has. you'd learn about that time from the text that would be under the avatar in the window that shows after entering someones profile or after hovering your mouse over someone's avatar

  • Flicks


  • Dragonwolf Girl!

    I was going to suggest just that. We need something like this. Also, they could make it so that when you are invisible, it means that you aren't online. Which means that it would show that you were last online when you were last online, not counting when you are invisible.

  • sansmorixz

    confusion: arc 2.
    starring: everyone in this chat who were/ are/ will seem to be confused.

    jokes aside! just popping in to bump the suggestion. possibly with improvement of having users getting to choose whether they wanna share if they wanna share when they were last online (with friends or particular servers)

  • Rizon

    Discord please add this!

  • Logimite


  • fuck off

    bump! (idk how discord bumping a thread works) but yes i really want this feature implemented because something bad happened to my friend and I can't tell if they are still there or not...  and I really want to know if they are still lurking and just not replying. I understand with the invisible status mode, this might be a hard feature to implement, but I'm praying that discord does add this feature!! 

  • OGDinoPlushie

    Bump this pleasssssse, this needs to be added. There’s a non-verified bot called LastSeen, and it’s maxed out in servers, so for Server Owners who need to be consistent of when people are online and when they’re offline, it would really really help!

  • lp

    Also helps in following situation:

    Have DMs from people we used to play together (no friends list or same servers), we have disbanded, time passed, need to convo with said people, no idea whether they ever use the platform or not.

    I could text anyway, but dunno if expect reply or not. Just 2 cents :)

  • Drosera

    The only thing confusing is that this hasn't been implemented yet. 

  • Deleted User 2865f68c

    sarena Care?

  • Kerriganson

    This feature is very needed, there are plenty of other posts on the same topic. Will be useful for administrators to see when a user was last seen online to keep the community in shape and remove inactive people from important roles.