Option to turn off @mentions for specific roles


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  • $hadøw__Hunter

    Its already a feature
    U just need to go onto the role and unselect the permission for other people to be able to mention it
    How ever it includes all people including owner
    So if something then grab the ids of all the roles b4 disabling it
    Cause then u could mention tge role by doing '' xxx being the role or user id
    Just do ` @role `
    And u should get the role id and role coding completely

  • Carson

    I think you should download something like grammarly because that is really hard to read. I'm guessing you are from a different country in that case, good-ish english.

  • $hadøw__Hunter

    At least i aint racist bout ppl and how they speak/type in the english language

    I see u Carson 😒


    Edit: added something