A 5 user server requires the same amount of boosts as a 5000 user one


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  • MattW

    Why would you want to boost your server that much if there's just 5 of you. Just buy Nitro and you'll have more or less the same perks. You're not paying based on the bandwidth you use, you're paying for the features it unlocks for you such as vanity URLs.

    "Cos I'd drop $5-$10 monthly to get higher upload limits and better streaming (getting animated emojis would be cool as well)."
    cough Nitro COUGH


  • MattW


    That wouldn't balance things at all. Larger communities will feel done by if smaller communities are able to unlock the same perks for a cheaper price. As I iterated before, the cost is for the features you unlock, it has nothing to do with the members in your community. 

    Small communities, like the one you described, would not benefit greatly from the benefits from a Level 3 boost. Discord has always vowed to be free to use and not have anything where you would need to pay to use a core feature. The benefits unlocked from server boosts are purely cosmetical, they don't have any impact on the community itself.

    The only perks which could have a justified impact is a vanity URL, which can be used to help a community grow, but at that point you're looking at the cost of marketing, which again is a fact of life in the real world.

  • Ane

    A lot of the features for server boosting are for larger discord servers, level 1 should more than suffice for a small private discord server. Let's take a look at the perks of the different levels.

    Level 1:

    • +50 Emoji Slots (100 counting animated slots)
    • 128 kbps audio quality (The same quality as listening to music on YouTube)
    • Animated Server Icon
    • Custom server invite background (When someone hits an invite link, they'll see a custom image of your choice)
    • 720p 60fps Go Live Streams

    Level 2:

    • +50 server emoji slots (100 more counting gif slots)
    • 256 kbps audio quality (Extremely high quality, usually only would need this for listening to music on something like spotify)
    • Server Banner (The Image at the top left some servers have)
    • 50 MB upload limit for all members (Pretty unecessary, it would be faster to upload to google drive anyways)
    • 1080p 60fps Go Live Streams

    Level 3:

    This is where things get extremely unecessary for a smaller server. Especially one for only 5 people.

    • +100 server emoji slots (For a total of 250, or 500 counting gif slots)
    • 384 Kbps Audio Quality (I don't even use this on my server of 6K people, it just causes more lag than anything)
    • Vanity URL (This is only helpful for large communities, it's a custom URL, but if everyone is already in your server, you shouldn't really need that)
    • 100 MB upload limit for all members (I have no idea who in their right mind would be uploading 100 MB files to discord)


    Looking at all of these. It's reasonable to say you might want level 1, which is only 10 dollars a month. At most, you'd want level 2, but the stuff in level 2 isn't really all that needed. The only thing I can see is the 1080p 60fps go live streams, but if you only have 5 people, you could just do that in a group call if you have nitro classic. Honestly, the server boosting features are made for larger communities, which is why it has such a high requirement.

  • Ri4ard_Rahl

    It is fair to say that servers with almost unlimited financial support spend as much on boosts as small servers.But I think the discord does not care Capitalism😒

  • Bradley

    I feel the pain here with this one. Im heavily involved in the Madden CFM Community. The CFM Community servers usually cap at 32 people as there are only 32 teams in a given CFM. The CFM Servers will never be able to justify the high end server tiers. Its not practical. 


    If there was a practical grounds to achieve the higher tiers for the smaller communities like CFM communities I am 100% those communities would pay up.  


    Maybe a way to balance things, Discord could implement a max number of members if you unlock the higher tiers at a lower pay rate. Basically slams the door shut on more growth.