Permissions (Grey Slash)


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  • $hadøw__Hunter

    Thats because the grey slash is neutral
    Which means it is dependent on the persons permissions so if u set some stuff to a red x then they wont be able to see it

  • $hadøw__Hunter

    But yet
    It also depends if that @everyone hav a role or not

  • FirecowTest

    "Thats because the grey slash is neutral"

    @everyone has a role under Server -> Roles, where all is unchecked, to make sure that everyone can't do anything.

    I thought "grey slash" meant inherit server permissions. Apparently it does not.

    So what does "neutral" mean?

  • $hadøw__Hunter

    Neutral means it wither good nor bad
    Like lets say u hav 3 groups
    2 of them hate each other to the core(lets say group A and group B)
    The third group is like a wild card(lets call it group wild)
    If Group A wants to prank Group B then group wild would accept depending on its state and same the other way around
    Group wild is pretty much the neutral side of this story

    Get it now?

  • Rami Emad

    We understand what the word "Neutral" means! @Shadow_Hunter ... I can't happen to find how the permissions are inherited if the "Slash" is checked! Do they get their Role permissions or do they get the Server's permissions?

    It needs clarification @Discord

  • Firecow

    We need to know, where the system actually finds channel "greyslash" fallback permissions from. @Discord

  • grapmatie

    I had the same problem and asked the same question to Discord. From them I only got the answer that the meaning of the gray slash is that the server permissions will apply. I also found in my own server that a channel that has been around for some time has an error. It doesn't matter what I set there, but the roles didn't do what I intended. The solution for me was to delete and recreate the channel. The gray slash means again the server permissions will apply.

    I hope this solves also your problem.